Get Night Vision Expertise at Your Fingertips

with ATN's interactive night vision catalog (INVC) tablet for your store.


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Inform customers, train staff, and sell more.
ATN Corp introduces the Interactive Night Vision Catalog, now available on a tablet device as a point-of-purchase display for retail locations. The INVC device makes it easy to understand and explain ATN's night vision, thermal, and optical devices—and the technology behind them. It's an excellent way for store staff to become instant experts in night vision and thermal devices.

With a few swipes of a finger, the tablet explains what device works best in what situation, simplifying and reinforcing a customer's purchase decisions. User's can search by product Type, Use, or Price. Another selection explains the technologies used in each device. Touch on the desired Use (Security, Hunting, Camping, or Boating) and the INVC displays the ATN products that are best suited for that activity. You can then review and compare the entire product line. Touch a product image to instantly see the full description, specifications and optional accessories.

The ATN INVC device can be used as an in-store training tool for staff members. It also makes an excellent self-help tool for customers, so they can ask your staff for exactly what they want to see. When it's not it use, the INVC tablet displays an exciting continuous video of ATN's products in action, attracting interest in night vision devices. There’s nothing for you to update. The ATN INVC receives automatic updates via WIFI so it's it always current with the latest ATN products, as well as new videos and other features. 

•  It’s a training tool, a point of sale video display, an interactive catalog, and much more.
•  Turn your retail staff into instant night vision experts.
•  Use instant explanations that guide customers to the best-informed choices.

•  Automatic free updates constantly enhance your display with videos, new products, and more.

To ask how you can get an INVC device for your store (or to download it free to your own tablet), please call 800-910-2862 or complete the form below.

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To request an INVC device or download for your store, or for information on becoming an ATN Dealer, please complete this form.

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